Our story

A husband and wife duo with a love of all things rustic, an engraver, and a dream to bring personalised gifts with a sprinkle of magic to anyone we can!

We are Aaron and Lyndsey Bowers, from Stoke-on-Trent. We both worked primarily in hospitality and were furloughed throughout the majority of the pandemic. We got married in January 2020, and fell pregnant in June of that year. Unfortunately at 18 weeks our little Oliver was born sleeping. Amongst all the brilliant support groups sent to us, we found the Christmas Ornament Swap - you make an ornament for someone who has lost a child, and will receive one from someone in return. We signed up and, as perfectionists, we went next level and bought a laser engraver, hoping that our creative juices would start flowing and we could maybe make some ornaments for family too. Boy did those juices flow! Within three days we realised we were quite good at this, and with the right materials and ideas, and the time we were blessed with whilst furloughed, this nifty little laser could make quality products that people might just buy!

In that moment, ‘Bowers Bits & Bobs’ was born.

Fast forward three years and we have a string of markets under our belt, a successful Etsy store, a wedding brochure, we're stocked in some fabulous local shops, and now we have a shiny new website of our very own. We also have our beautiful rainbow baby, Sophie, to keep us busy when we’re not engraving!

I (Lyndsey) have now left my full time work to be home with Sophie and to put full focus into the business. It's my creative mind behind all of the products, designs, social media, and all of that dreaded admin that I secretly love, with the support of Aaron engraving into the night long after I go to bed!

We hope you love what we come up with, and that we can carry on adding that personal touch to your gifts for years to come!